We’re Alexa & Bryan, two adventure addicts located in Bend, Oregon. We live for anything outdoors and LOVE food (pizza’s just too basic, but while we’re on the subject, Hawaiian all day), Paul Simon, Siracha on everything, Montucky Cold Snacks and long road trips with a million pitstops. Our life revolves around exploring the natural beauty of the PNW as well as our newest playground, the deserts of the Southwest. We met in Portland, Oregon six years ago with a very sappy love story which we’ll save for another time lol. We’re both firm believers in chasing our ambitions and goals, embracing change, and living spontaneously. We pursue the things that make us happy and feed our souls…you know like adrenaline and chasing new photo locations. 

Bryan Walker

  • Loves deep pow days with bottomless face shots.
  • Once ate termites out of a tree in Costa Rica, tastes like toothpicks =)
  • Gets mistaken for Owen Wilson on a weekly basis.
  • Enjoys super steep views & backpacking to super epic places.
  • Bucket List: Get food poisoning on every continent!

Alexa Owens

  • Enjoys doing mountain goat things in mountain goat places.
  • Lives for Taco Tuesday!
  • Loves camping, hiking, backpacking and all outdoor folk activities!
  • Has consumed over 4,000 cups of coffee in 11 years.
  • Bucket List Goal: Hike the entire PCT by 2022!

Hagen + Harper

  • Activities+Interests: Swimming, hiking, fetch, visits to the dog park, car rides in the van.
  • Most funny thing we've done as a duo: Rolled in fresh elk poop after getting baths!
  • Dreams+Aspirations:WOOF! One day we hope become Ruffwear dog-models!
  • Best Accomplishment as a team: Backpacked the Four Pass Loop in less than 48 hours carrying our own water and food.
  • Bucket list goal: To catch a squirrel!