Most frequent questions and answers

Adventure Sessions are anything from a doors-off drive to your favorite sunset vista to an overnight backpacking trip.  These sessions are intended for engagements, anniversaries or just some epics photos to capture your love for each other and Mother Nature.  Let’s get our boots dirty and make some memories!

Of course!  While our main focus is on elopements and smaller intimate weddings, we are always stoked to shoot larger weddings.  Even though we don’t advertise for it, we would never discriminate against your choice to have a larger wedding and won’t ever turn you away for wanting one. Fill out our contact form and we can customize the right package that fits your wedding day needs/wants. Please note, for larger weddings we only offer up to 8 hours of coverage. Anything requiring coverage beyond that will be charged per hour. 

Yes! We are extremely familiar with how to obtain permits for National Parks.  We handle all of the photographic permits required for your big day.  However, you will be responsible for obtaining the wedding/elopement permit yourselves.  If you need some guidance obtaining your permits, we would be happy to assist you through the process to ensure all goes smoothly.  Please remember that permits fees are *NOT* included in photo package prices. 

Oui! Ja! Si! Abso-frickin-lutely! We love to travel and are willing to go anywhere you love beckons.  Patagonia, Mallorca, Kyoto, you say so and we’ll go!  

Travel fees include airfare for two photographers, hotel stay for 3-4 nights, and transportation (rental cars, etc.).  If you hit our bucket list, we’ll happily split the airfare with ya!

Absolutely! If you have somewhere in mind that doesn’t match our schedule feel free to shoot us an email with the date, location and desired session you’re looking for. We are always down to adventure wherever the wind blows us as long as it doesn’t collide with other bookings.

First off, there is no such thing as “bad weather”.  From a photographic standpoint, diverse weather creates unique lighting and dynamic landscapes.  Rain, snow, hurricanes, summer thunderstorms… we’re there!  Living in Colorado means working through unpredictable weather and harsh lighting conditions. We’ve shot in all types of weather.  In fact, we love the rain + snow.  If you find that the day of your wedding or elopement the weather has turned south, don’t fret!  We promise to capture your day no matter what Mother Nature throws at us, we’re confident, prepared and above all, lovers of dramatic weather and light. 

We accept PayPal, Check, and Venmo. For checks we ask that you please make them payable to Timber + Stone Photo. We do not accept bribery, Monopoly money, fraudulent cash or puppies. Please email us if you have any further questions or concerns regarding payment method.

This can vary by session as well as time booked with us. Typically you will see approximately 100 photos for an adventure session. For elopements + intimate weddings you will get anywhere from 200-800 photos, depending on the time spent shooting.  We strive to fill our galleries with quality photos, not fillers.  Creme de la creme baby.